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A turn key system that functions as simple as ala carte lesson plans to supplement STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) subjects, to fully customizable lesson plans at any duration, to keep. your students engaged and current on the newest Olympic Sport-Art: Breakdancing.  System is designed to encourage students to participate, demonstrate, and analyze dynamic movement patterns in a way that has never been done before.  The integration of the artist and the athlete is just the upgrade needed in our efforts to produce future innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century.  Programming can be implemented by any teacher / faculty member or hybrid with BTR certified instructor.

CURRENT FORMATS:  4-6 Week Unit | 3 Month | 6 month | Year | You name it


Culture | Universal movement principles | Rhythm 101 | Dynamic movement | Creativity

  • History of Breakin culture

  • Learn how to effectively warm up entire body

  • Rhythm 101

  • basic (elementary). biomechanics

  • Spatial awareness 

  • Technology

  • Breakin Foundational movement vocabulary

  • Create a signature move / style

  • So much more


Train and educate in the unlimited dynamic movement base of breakdancing to your develop the athlete in your artist make them a overall more powerful performer

  • Breakin Choreography

  • Rhythm 101

  • Dynamic break specific Warm UP

  • Basic (beginnner). biomechanics.  All levels of Biomechanics avail.

  • Spatial awareness 


        -Foundations mastery (3-6 mo) 

  • SEMINARS (intermediate skill level

     -Break-temporary (flow based                   ground work​)

      -BTR Strength & Conditioning

      -BTR Signature Sequences (the                  ultimate coil | flare | windmill)

      -BTR Stage tricks and stunts

      -Move specific seminar (Top Rock,            Footwork, Power Moves, Freezes


You cant build a jet engine on a paper plane.  Use the multidimensional movement patterns of Breakdancing to develop athletics and ultimately a lifestyle of health and wellness.

  • Universal movement theory

  • Biomechanics (5 principles of movement)

  • Functional Anatomy 

  • Total body integrative movement

  • Movement manipulative (drills for hand eye coordination)

  • Fitness games

  • Calisthenics / plyometrics / aerobic anerobic / metabolic conditioning / hypotrophy

  • Rotational Movement Training

  • Battling (sport + culture)


online course

  • 300 + instructional follow along videos

  • 60+ drill videos

  • 60 pages of printable lesson plans

  • Online community

  • + more


9882e44e-4946-4031-9987-689cc3a4bf58 2.J
  • theGRID (patent pending)

  • Spatial awareness

  • Body placement "hit the mark"

  • Train with geometric precision

THE MAnual

  • 60 page hard copy book

  • Individualized lesson plans

  • Glossary

  • Training guide Check List

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