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Proud community partner


Introducing our exciting training system for kids and adults! We've created a tiered program based on scientific principles to help you move smarter and better. With over 25,000 hours of work, we've discovered that understanding your body mechanics at a foundational level leads to good movement, style, and peak performance.

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  • Youth Group Breaking Monthly Unlimited

    Every month
    Unlimited access to classes (3 per week)
    • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Youth Group Half (2 days)

    Every month
    Monthly access to 2 days a week (8 classes total)
    • Monthly Youth Group
  • Monthly Privates

    4 Private lessons, 1 x per week. In person or video call
    • 1 on 1 Private Lesson
  • 1 on 1 private lesson

    1 hour private training with Jasoul.
    • Class Drop In

      Try it out!

      For kids, our program offers a fun and interactive journey of movement and self-expression. Through games and creative challenges, they'll learn new moves, build confidence, and unlock their unique style.


      Adults of all fitness levels can join too! Our tiered training system guides you through each step, helping you improve body mechanics, enhance physical abilities, and unleash your creativity. Let's break the barriers together and reach new heights of movement and performance!  *Only privates currently available

      ***This program works independently as well as in conjunction with a VIRTUAL TRAINING SYSTEM .  This is a great place to see and try out our innovative training mat technology TheGRID




      founder | lead instructor


      Jasoul is a global professional bboy (breakdancer) and movement specialist originally from Big Island, Hawaii. He began his transformation in movement through the Breakin methodology in 1995 (age 10). His life passion and purpose for movement science led him to Las Vegas, NV, which serves as a hub for training, performing/ competing, educating and program development. Most recently he has become an author, writing a book combining art and movement science through the biomechanical translation of Breakin. Jasoul’s focus is to give back and help the world community discover passion and purpose through original and intelligent movement. His talent and passion took him around the world, here are his notable accolades-

      • World BBOY Champion Runner up

      • 2x USA National BBOY Champion

      • Hawaii State BBOY Champion

      • 3x Footwork Champion

      • Live Performer on the Las Vegas Strip (jabbawockeez, Steve Wyrick)

      • Stunt actor for Universal Studios

      • BioMechanics Specialist


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