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"Art meets engineering in the form of physical performance"


Breaking has been in our lives since the mid-’90s.  Our older brother Jon was the catalyst to influence us when we were in elementary.  Tagging along was our MO growing up, and naturally, we both began Breaking. Breaking was what gave us life early on.  As new relationships and different stages of life emerged so did athletic skills in different areas evolve.  Our interests in other sports also helped us develop body adaptations (kinesthetic awareness).  These sports pursuits also helped us develop character and competitiveness that helped us individually pursue higher levels of physical education.  

In 2008 Jasoul left Hawaii to pursue Breaking.  Here is where his growth spurt in Breaking occurred from novice to professional at the age of 20. Having the opportunity to train alongside some of the best, he represented the US in all the major international championship competitions and would find himself performing in various nightly shows on the las vegas strip.   Jasoul has become one of the elite professionals in the Breaking world.   These experiences forged his life-long passion and purpose to cultivate the movement art of Breaking.



Jasoul is a global professional bboy (breakdancer) and movement specialist originally from Big Island, Hawaii. He began his transformation in movement through the Breakin methodology in 1995 (age 10). His life passion and purpose for movement science led him to Las Vegas, NV, which serves as a hub for training, performing/ competing, educating and program development. Most recently he has become an author, writing a book combining art and movement science through the biomechanical translation of Breakin. Jasoul’s focus is to give back and help the world community discover passion and purpose through original and intelligent movement. His talent and passion took him around the world, here are his notable accolades-

  • World BBOY Champion Runner up

  • 2x USA National BBOY Champion

  • Hawaii State BBOY Champion

  • 3x Footwork Champion

  • Live Performer on the Las Vegas Strip (jabbawockeez, Steve Wyrick)

  • Stunt actor for Universal Studios

  • BioMechanics Specialist


  • Bachelors in Exercise Science  

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy 2009 from Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Profession

  • Owner and Director of Kauai Therapy & Wellness           

  • Cross fit Certified Level 1 Coach

  • Polestar Pilates Trained

  • SFMA Level 1


The BTR BREAKIN method was founded by brothers Jasoul and co-founder Randon DPT.  They have identified the scientific principles and reverse engineered the movements common to traditional and contemporary Breaking (breakdancing).  These elements were then translated to movement patterns so it can be integrated into fitness and sports performance.  With the latest research in biomechanics, motor learning, athletic development, and communication advancements a unique method was born that optimizes the learning and training process of not only Breaking but movement foundation in general.  This has made for a safer, effective, and ultimately sustainable environment to practice in.

Randon graduated from Loma Linda University Allied Health Professions in 2009 and began his career in Kauai HI.  His career and family have taken him back and forth from the islands and the west coast where he has had opportunities to refine his skill set as a performance therapist.  !!!Better Brothers!!! have evolved from the early stages of our individual pursuits to where we stand today.  It is the collective expertise through the application of and the science of movement that we have put together this comprehensive manual of both our life’s work.  Our hope is to develop smarter, more methodical fitness programming, to bridge the gap between physical and mental performance and injury prevention/recovery evolving out of the art of Breaking.

Breakin is a unique and innovative art form that has been cultivating human beings through non-violent competition for nearly 40 years. From inner city New York to Ukrainians versus Russians, to Koreans versus Americans, cultural practitioners have been battling through Breakin competitions, connecting and building a common culture that transcends color, cast, and geopolitical background. This art form has become so popular that governments in various countries have been hosting grand-scale Breakin sporting events for decades, with worldly competitors filling entire stadiums of spectators. Breakin will even be an official sport in the 2024 Paris Olympics!


Not only is Breakin a sport, but it is also an art form that requires creativity and physical skills development. Participants who engage in Breakin develop their creativity and hone their physical skills, which can benefit them not just in the Breakin community, but also in other aspects of their lives. Moreover, the process of developing self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills through Breakin is vital for school, work, and life success. People with strong social-emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically, professionally, and socially. By promoting Breakin in school and after-school programs,  Educational institutions can promote personal growth, cultural awareness, and social unity among students, ultimately contributing to a more peaceful and interconnected world.

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You owe it to yourself to experience the evolution of human movement.  Learn the biomechanics of BREAKIN..  ANYWHERE!  ANYTIME!



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  • What is Breakin (breakdancing)?
    While Breakin has yet to reach its final form and means many things to different people, at an attempt to define- Breakdancing, also known as b-boying or breaking, is a form of street dance that emerged in the 1970s primarily in the Bronx, New York City. It is characterized by its dynamic and acrobatic movements, intricate footwork, and creative expression. Breakdancing is often performed to hip-hop music and is an integral part of hip-hop culture. Key elements of breakdancing include: Toprock: This refers to the dance performed while standing upright before transitioning into more complex moves. Toprock involves various rhythmic steps, arm movements, and gestures. Footwork: involves intricate movements of the hands and feet on the ground. Dancers perform a series of steps, kicks, and shuffles in a fluid manner. Power Moves: These are the more acrobatic and physically demanding aspects of breakdancing. Power moves include spins, windmills, head spins, and other gravity-defying tricks. Freezes: Freezes are static poses that require the dancer to balance on one or more body parts, often using their hands, elbows, shoulders, or head. Transitions: Breakdancers seamlessly connect different movements and styles, creating a continuous flow of motion. Breakdancing is often associated with battles, where dancers compete against each other to showcase their skills and creativity. Judges assess the dancers based on factors such as musicality, technique, originality, and performance. Over the years, breakdancing has evolved and diversified, incorporating various influences from different dance styles and cultures. In recent years, breakdancing has gained global recognition and was even added as an official sport to the program of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. This recognition further highlights the significance and cultural impact of breakdancing as an art form and a form of expression.
  • Is Breakdancing safe?
    Short answer: no Long answer: Breakdancing come from expressing high energy in a spontaneous manner. As such, a lot of the foundation that is wide spread today comes from this with no regard for how our human body is designed to function. As a result pain, creative plateau, injury, and worst of all: artistic retirement, ensue. BTR BREAKIN is the only training method that uses biomechanics (sport science) to address the dysfunctions of the Breakdancing. With scientific precision and the latest in sport science technology we reversed engineered the foundational moves of this art form and created a tiered training system to help develop the right body foundations before stepping in to the chaos of Breakdancing. Because of this BTR BREAKIN is a stand alone training system that offers the highest quality of training with functionality and longevity in mind. Back to the short answer: Breakdancing practiced through the filter of sport science is a lot safer than the typical studio/street approach.
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