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Protect your dome piece in style!!


All the things that make us human takes place under the cap.  This snap back provides better protection with out compromising the way you look and makes your feel "LIKE YOUR FLOATING".  Helmets and current spin caps are not only an eye sore but also telegraph to the world that youre going to do something on your head.  Not cool..  The btrHELMET provides safety and function while being discreet. 


1.  Safety First

2.  Boost Confidence

3.  Extended Training Sessions.  A general rule of thumb for skills and strength developmenet is- time under tension.  One of the ways we add method to the madness is proper body mechanics and training tech like the BTRhelmet.


  • Fresh Snap Back design (one size fits all)
  • Top button removed for max head balance / spinability 
  • Hard protective inner shell.  Flexible, durable. breathable.


*Shipping. Cost out side of Las Vegas varies.  Ships within two weeks.



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